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And thank you for "climbing aboard"! This website is dedicated to the history of the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas (Katy) Railroad's mainlines and branchlines in the State of Missouri. A fixture of Show-Me State railroading for over 110 years, the Katy was ultimately absorbed by the Union Pacific system in 1988. And today, only 78 miles of former MKT mileage through the state is still operated- all of it by shortline Missouri & Northern Arkansas.

However, the remainder of the original mainline can still be enjoyed, though via foot and bike, in the form of the Katy Trail State Park. Stretching from Clinton in the west to the St. Charles in the east, the trail is the longest rails-to-trails project in the nation, and has become a major tourist destination for the Show-Me State. While this site focuses on the actual railroad operations of the route, you can find several links to "Katy Trail" related sites in the "Links" section.

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